Vashikaran Sutra

Vashikaran Sutra is a fascinating insight into the hidden realms that has captivated the imagination of many but remains mysterious and exotic to many. This volume focuses on the controversial concepts like- The origin and use of Vashikaran Tantra, Tantric Kriya’s like Vashikaran, Sammohan and Akarshan, Tantra Deities- Who are they and how can they can help you? How concentrated energies of Yajnas,Yantras & Amulets work and much more.

This blog, as the name suggests, is dedicated to one of the most ancient treaties of Tantra – Vshikaran Sutra. There are some sutra scriptures available today like yoga-sutra, shiva-sutra and kama-sutra etc. But major portion of these mysterious sutra scriptures got lost. This blog is dedicated to one such Tantric Sutra Grantha (scripture) named “Vashikaran Sutra”. These sutras reveal the secret of attraction and seduction that was lost in the darkness of yore.

I got a copy of this treaty written on ancient leaves while I was meditating in a jungle of Himalayas. Termites had bitten the Sanskrit manuscript badly. I meditated on it very hard and decoded the antediluvian mystery of these sutras. Now I want to spread the light of these sutras on you too, so that you will be bestowed by the amazing power of seducing anyone you love too. Thus, I am going to write the commentary on it in a simple language on this blog. Keep reading and ignite the fame of divine attraction hidden in you.

Note – The Manual will be made available Free to our existing clients and true tantra seekers. This Manual will help you understand about the ancient art and the life of true tantric practitioners.