Pooja Dosh

Chandra Dosh Nivaran Pooja

This dosha affects relationships of the person with the others around him. Unfavourablility of moon god causes various kinds of physical pains and diseases like mental tensions and diseases of breath. He is pleased if one fasts on Monday, or if one eulogizes and worship lord Shiva.

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja

In Hindu Marriage Mangal Dosh is very common. In reality, it is not Mangal Dosh but it is called sumanglik dosha, it means problem in auspicious events of marriage life. In other words, hurdles in something auspicious or good work is known as Mangal Dosh. This dosh is known as very big problem in married life. A girl is considered to be a Mangalik, if the Mars is placed either in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of her horoscope. A girl having a “Mangalik dosha” or “Vishakanya Yoga” present in her horoscope has a threat of becoming a widow. A kumbha-Vivah is a arranged for such girls.

Shani Dosha Nivaran Pooja

As per Vedic astrology if the Saturn pierces and passes through the constellation of Rohini then it is considered to be very inauspicious and causes draughts for twelve years making even the survival of the living beings impossible.
Kaal Sarp Dosha Nivaran Pooja

Kaal means death. The person born under Kal Sarp Yog passes through death like agonies throughout the life. The Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is known as snake and Ketu is its tail. The person who takes birth in this yog suffer from various problems.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Pooja

Vastu is a complete understanding of direction, geography, environment and physics.In all, Vastu is a bridge between man and nature.Vastu dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged objects. Every vastu dosh has some remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.

Pitra Dosha Nivaran Pooja

If there is Pitrudosh in your horoscope because of which family doesnt grow or the family has to face the problems constantly one has to perform Narayan Bali Puja on the bank of Narmada river near Dabhoi in Baroda district in Gujarat. This Kshetra is very famous for other Pitrutarpan pooja and dedication to ancestors and forfathers.It is believed that by satisfying our ancestors and forefathers who are no more in this world, we can have blessings for happy and peaceful life.

All these Dosh Nivaran Pujas are arranged and Puja Prasadam along with Yantras are Shipped.Shipping cost for Puja Prasadam is extra.