Love Horoscope Compatibility

One of the top reasons people go to an astrologist is for love horoscope compatibility. Zodiac compatibility is important in relationships, and astrology can help a person find love. Some of the answers regarding love horoscopes are listed below according to the sign. So take a good look at the best partners for your sign, fall in love and enjoy. Many people tend to be nervous when it comes to putting themselves out there, and a simply horoscope reading can instill confidence!

  • Aries is a Fire sign and will take the lead. Their compatibility with other cardinal signs including Capricorn, Cancer and Libra is low. The elemental perspective signifies relationship horoscopes with other Fire signs or Air signs is excellent. The best possible love matches are Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius and Gemini.
  • Taurus is a fixed sign, and known for stubbornness. Some relationships can represent an emotional overload, but Water and Earth signs will nourish and calm a Taurus. There may be some confusion present, but with a little work zodiac compatibility is all but assured.
  • Gemini are an Air sign, and a relationship with another mutable sign is going to be difficult. There is compatibility with structured and fiery signs, making the best romantic match a Leo or an Aquarius. A relationship with an Aries or Libra may work but there will most likely be issues with competition.
  • Love horoscopes for a Cancer must consider this Water signs need to be in control of everything. They adore signs who provide nourishment, but enjoy providing the nurturing. This makes Earth signs an excellent practical partner. A Fire sign may cause an overload, but the combination will generate a lot of steam.
  • The sun rules Leo and they must be in the center of attention. Their match needs to understand and accept this. To achieve love horoscope compatibility, their partner should always be waiting for the next adventure. This makes a Leo’s perfect match the Air and Fire signs. Their love will need to make concessions, but the match will last.
  • Virgo is an Earth sign, and the person everyone calls when they are in trouble. They are practical and require structure in their partner. A Water sign will provide nourishment, and another Earth sign will help a Virgo remain grounded. A fixed sign is an excellent match because Virgos partner for life.
  • As an Air sign, a Libra wants to be the boss. This can complicate their relationship horoscopes. A Libra must have harmony and peace without any drama. Any sign interested in peace will do well with a Libra, but the special sparkle of the sign is best matched with Fire or Air signs.
  • Scorpio’s take a lover for their entire life. Their sex appeal and passion require a sign that can accept how emotional they can become. Sparks will fly with Fire signs, but it takes effort. A Water sign will understand a Scorpio, and their intensity is stabilized by an Earth sign. All a Scorpio desires is understanding.
  • A Sagittarius is a Fire sign who loves their freedom. Their loyalty, fidelity and need for truth make them an excellent love match for another Fire sign. The exceptions are Leo and Scorpio because a greater commitment is necessary for a Sagittarius. An Aquarius or Libra will keep this sign on their toes, and the love will be strong.
  • Capricorn is the Earth sign who leads the zodiac. Libra and Gemini are far too flighty, and Sagittarius does not have the extent of loyalty required. They need a partner who is secure and stable regardless of their sign. A Capricorn will do best with a person of strength who does not want to be a leader.
  • An Aquarius is an Air sign, and the most stubborn in the zodiac. They are extremely loyal, so they pair well with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. A relationship with a mutable sign is doomed to fail. Water signs are way too emotional for an Aquarius, and their partner must have the same beliefs. They require honesty, faithfulness and strength in their relationships.
  • Pisces are a Water sign, and the zodiac’s romantic dreamers. An Air sign is way too rational, but they do need structure. An Earth sign is ideal because they understand the creativity of a Pisces, and will ground them with compassion and nourishment. For the extremely romantic Pisces, another Water sign is best. Cancer and Scorpio thrive on the bonds created with a Pisces.

Love Horoscopes In Summary…

Whichever sign of the zodiac you belong to, relationships, love and compatibility are incredibly important. When the right signs come together they balance one another while creating sizzle and sparks. Each sign has appealing and unique characteristics that will mesh perfectly with at least one or two of the other signs. Many people are attracted to a specific sign, but the relationship simply does not work. These individuals should experiment with a relationship with a compatible sign because this may be the answer.