Gemini the Twins

Two-Faced: Gemini, the Twins

Element: Air, the element of intellect and the mind.

Ruling planet: Mercury, which rules communication, intellect, and short-term travel.

Quality: Mutable, signs which are good at adaptability and flexibility and bring in the end of each season. This sign points to the end of spring (or autumn in the southern hemisphere).

Dates: May 21-June 21

About Gemini

Ever met someone unbelievably chatty, with a seemingly endless supply of facts and information that they love sharing with everyone around them? How about a cool, intellectual type, also incredibly well-read but discerning about who to share that information with? In either instance, you may have been dealing with a Gemini.

In popular culture, the Twins catch a lot of flack for being “two-faced”, overly changeable and suited to the whim of the moment, and too shallow, with little awareness of their emotions. However, this sign of the zodiac is far from malevolent, with their energy being very playful and childlike. Their biggest quest in life: to satisfy their unending curiosity, usually through asking questions and the exchange of ideas. For those who enjoy looking to zodiac signs to gain insight into a person’s true nature, studying this archetype can be particularly rewarding.

Why are they like this?

The zodiac sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication – hence, the talkativeness and need to know just about everything about their external environment and everyone in it. However, Mercury is the master of language, but he is also a trickster. If you’ve ever noticed an aspect of your life go off the rails during a period of Mercury retrograde, imagine that level of trickery amplified for those with Mercury as their ruling planet. Mercury is an incredibly fast-moving planet, leading those with the zodiac sign Gemini to more than likely speak at a fast rate and move around at an even faster rate. The energy of Gemini, the twins can be very erratic at times, sending a person bouncing back and forth, never seeming to make a concrete decision. Perhaps this is where the idea that those with a Gemini zodiac sign are flaky emerges from!

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The Twins have a lot of shade thrown at them, leading even those with little interest in astrology to make an occasional off-color remark about those born in June. However, are these judgments based in any truth? Is the Twin Star really a sign of backstabbers and flakes? The answer is, of course, no – every zodiac sign has the potential for negative expressions, and it’s up to the individual person to harness their strengths and work on their weaknesses. However, for this sign specifically, a lot of what seems to be “flakiness” may instead be fear. However, it is an extremely rational sign, ruled by air and the intellect. This is the exact opposite mental energy of emotion and intuition, thought processes that refuse to follow the rules of logic. For a Gemini star sign who finds comfort in being able to make sense of the world through intellect, this is perhaps the most daunting prospect of all.

What does this mean for Gemini zodiac signs?

As we’ve talked about earlier, no sign is entirely good or bad – rather, each sign represents a personality type with positive and negative aspects. For Gemini the twins, this means cultivating that fabulous curiosity that can lead you to ask the right questions while also understanding that not every part of life is rational. Even if you don’t put that much stock in zodiac signs, why not cut the summer baby in your friends group with a hard time talking about her feelings a little slack? It may be just the thing she needs to take off that mask.