Capricorn the Sea Goat

Listen up, Capricorn! I know you have a lot on your schedule, and you’re probably fussing at yourself right now for diverting from that list of things to do. Unless, reading up on what makes you tick was on the list, in that case you’re probably feeling pretty accomplished; maybe even smug. Either way, here you are.

Signs of the zodiac can be intriguing and mysterious. We’ve all read about our sign at some point and the accuracy can be downright chilling. Regardless, there’s always a few misses that make us scratch our heads, but that’s only because we’re ever changing, ever evolving, messy little things called humans. Whether astrology is a hobby of yours or you’re just trying to figure out why you want to snatch your own hair out when there’s a small glitch in your carefully laid plans, you’ve come to the right place.

Capricorn the Sea Goat In Summary

Look, I get it, Sea Goat sounds like a hideous mermaid or something concocted in a lab but it’s actually pretty cool. There’s a bit of a stigma about people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign being cold and distant but that’s not all true. The lovely little Sea Goat stands for both earth and water. The goat is grounded, able to work it’s way through harsh terrain. The fish tail provides the ability to navigate through deep ocean waters. Having both of these qualities makes you not only practical and grounded but also creative and sensitive. So, you might be a little uptight and overly serious but under the surface you run deep and that combination makes Capricorn the Sea Goat, a pretty amazing creature.

Let’s Talk Capricorn Facts

You must have been born sometime between December 22nd – January 19th. Nurses commonly send newborns out into the world rocking a pretty sweet sock hat, but they don’t necessarily hand you a pamphlet explaining signs of the zodiac. So, here’s some basic facts.

  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Brown & Black
  • Day: Saturday
  • Ruler: Saturn
  • Lucky Numbers: 4,8,13,22

Now, how cold can you really be when your day is Saturday. Obviously it’s because that’s a great party night, sandwiched between work and a day to chill. Plus, everyone looks good in black and the ruling planet, Saturn is one of the only planets out there doing the Hula Hoop.

The Pros Of Being Capricorn the Goat

  • You have awesome self-control
  • Great manners
  • Super responsible
  • Organizational skills
  • You’re independent
  • Goal oriented
  • Totally reliable
  • You have a creative side
  • You’re the master of discipline

*BONUS PRO – You’re practically a great resume!

Cons Of Being a Capricorn (because every rose has it’s thorns)

  • You might be a bit of a pessimist
  • Maybe a little condescending
  • You could learn to forgive
  • Know – it – all
  • Workaholic much?
  • You might need to lighten up..

Capricorn Vs Love

You have your eye on the prize, you have deadlines to meet and success is only obtainable with hard work and dedication. Hardworking, goal oriented and driven traits are shared with Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo, making great potential partners.

The Star Factor

With drive and ambition, it’s not a surprise that a lot of famous and influential people share the Capricorn zodiac sign. Michelle Obama, John Legend, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper, Betty White and Ellen DeGeneres, just to name a few!

According to astrology, Capricorn the Goat is a hard exterior with a soft center. A lover of music and family tradition, career oriented goals and a need to achieve and be organized while doing so. You may love a good party, but you’re probably hosting it. You are reliable and make great friends but are selective about the ones you keep close. So, whether you’re looking at becoming the next famous director, claiming your spot at the top of a corporate empire or being a great political role model, you are grounded and capable of achieving it all. So, embrace your inner awesomeness and shine on.